12 Smallest Electric Cars in 2022: NEW Vision for the Future of Transportation

Modern technology has allowed electric cars to grow to massive sizes, however the appeal of tiny city commuters remains extremely high in small towns as well as overpopulated megacities. Today we will explore the potential of the smallest EVs to become the transport of the future by looking into the newest models from the class. Single, two, tandem and 4 seaters, three and four wheelers, these tiny machines come in all shapes and forms.

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00:00 Introduction

00:42 Aptera Alpha

After being liquidated for over 10 years, California-based company Aptera is back from the dead with a new solar-powered car prototype. The Aptera Alpha is a 3-wheeler 2-seater that looks as funky as its predecessors and offers superior passenger safety ensured by the Formula-1 inspired safety cell.

01:52 Smart Concept 1

Daimler’s Smart brand has always been characterized with a pioneering approach to sustainable urban mobility. In an effort to expand their reach beyond the Western World, in 2021 the company premieres their Concept #1 created within the joint partnership with the Chinese brand Geely.

02:59 ElectraMeccanica Solo

The Canadian enterprise Electra Meccanica and its manufacturing partner Zongshen Industrial Group have begun deliveries of the Solo single seat three-wheeler.

04:11 XEV Global Yoyo

Three years since this concept EV was teased for the first time, the Italian start-up has officially rolled out the production ready model. Luckily, Yoyo inherits the concept’s exterior, though its price tag grows significantly, while the target market shifts from China to the European Union.

05:18 City Transformer

Seating 2 and taking ¼ of a parking place needed for a regular car, the City Transformer from the Israel startup of the same name aims take cities back from cars and return them to people.

06:21 Microlino 2.0

Looking at modern BMWs it would be impossible to assume that Isetta AKA the bubble car once was among the best-selling models from the brand. The little Iso stopped production in 1962, but it is being reborn by Swiss startup Micro Mobility Systems in the all electric form labeled Microlino 2.0.

07:20 City One

The number of urban-oriented EV start-ups grows exponentially, but most of their designs share the same downsides – smaller batteries and the absence of fast-charging tech. Some manufacturers opt for battery swapping systems, but the German ACM and its CITY ONE EV pushes this idea even further.

08:23 Opel Rocks-e and Citroen Ami

2022 Opel Rocks-e and Citroen Ami siblings from Stellantis are advertised as the cars that will make individual electric mobility accessible to everyone. Classified as light quadricycles, the mini EVs require only basic driving training, without a formal driver’s license, and can be driven by people as young as 14 or 15 years old depending on the market.

09:32 Eli Zero

Advertised as Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, Eli Zero is an ultra-compact two-seater that has been optimized for short commutes and is legal to drive in dense urban areas with 19 mph speed limit.
10:36 e-Go Mobile

The original enterprise that worked on the e.GO Life ran out of funds in 2020, luckily its assets were quickly picked up by ND Industrial and 78 million euros were additionally collected from investors to continue production.

11:47 Tazzari Zero 4

The overwhelming majority of mini cars presented today are all-new and developed by the up and coming startups, but Tazzari has actually been in the business of electric micro mobility since 2006.

12:51 Volswagen ID. LIFE

The Volkswagen ID Life is a concept that was debuted with a clear production plan in mind. This youth oriented electric mini SUV will be manufactured starting from 2025.



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