China’s $5,000 EV Shocks The Entire Industry!

Do you know you can get an electric car for under $5,000? Meet the best selling Electric vehicle in the world: Wuling Hongguang Mini EV shocks the entire Industry, with over 1 million sales within 2 years after its first debut. In July 2022, The Mini EV outsold other top selling EVs including Tesla Model Y, and secured the 2nd position of the best selling EVs in the world largest Electric vehicle market in china.

Wuling hongguang EV is produced by three different companies, one from America, while the rest are based in china. 

The popular giant automaker “General motors” also known as “GM” partnered with SAIC and Wuling companies to manufacture battery electric at affordable prices since the Chinese government’s massive reward of 8,000 Yuan equivalent to $1,125 for those who deregister their internal combustion engine cars that are one to six years old will receive this reward. ICE vehicles owners who replace their 6 years and above cars will get a $1,407 EV subsidy.



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