Citroen eC3 Electric Car Review in Telugu | Latest Electric Cars in India 2023 | EV Telugu

Citroen eC3 Electric Car Review in Telugu | Latest Electric Cars in India 2023 | EV Telugu

Presenter: Adithya ( Aditya )

*This video is about*
Citroen eC3 Electric Car Review in Telugu
Citroen eC3 Electric Car Showroom in Hyderabad
Citroen eC3 Electric Car Walkaround Review
Citroen eC3 Electric Car Specifications
Citroen eC3 Electric Car Look & feel

00:00 Citroen E C3 Electric Car Intro in Telugu
01:05 360 degree outer look of Citroen eC3 Electric Car
01:19 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Colours
02:00 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Front Design Explained in Telugu
02:22 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Bonnet Opening, Motor and Other details
03:10 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Front Airvent Reasoning
03:50 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Side Look
03:55 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Length , Width & Height
04:30 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Charging & Fast Charging Details
06:45 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Battery Details
07:12 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Price and comparison with tata nexon ev
08:05 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Interior Details
15:30 Citroen EC3 Electric Car Review Conclusion

*Citroen eC3 Specs : *
Battery : 29.2 Kwh
Motor Type : PMSM
48 Ps Power & 143 Nm Torque
Range : 320 Kms ( ARAI )
Top speed : 107 Kmph
Price : Watch full video 😜

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