Go.ev | The Electric Revolution Documentary (English) | Tata Motors X National Geographic

Watch National Geographic Go.ev with Tata Motors! Again!

Get ready to witness the electrifying tale of Tata Motors revolutionizing India’s roads with its trailblazing electric vehicles!

Join us on an exhilarating journey as we delve into the incredible efforts of our ingenious designers and engineers in shaping a sustainable future. From conquering range anxiety to building robust charging infrastructure, this National Geographic documentary unveils the inspiring story of our relentless pursuit of impactful solutions.

Discover our vision for the future in this film as we share our expansion plans of launching 10 EV models in the market by 2025. Buckle up and be captivated as we explore the boundless potential of electric mobility, where health, wellness, and innovation converge in the heart of India!

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