How to Charge Your Toyota Electric Vehicle | Toyota

In an all-electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid from Toyota’s incredible lineup of electrified vehicles, you’ll also need to know how to charge it. Let’s learn a little more about charging an electric vehicle, whether it be a charging point at home or in public. Find more Toyota How-To’s here:

Learn more about the lineup of Toyota Electric Vehicles here:

0:00 How to Charge Your Toyota Electric Vehicle
0:17 What’s the Difference Between EV Charging Levels?
1:21 How to Begin Charging Your EV at Home
3:05 How to Charge an Electric Vehicle in Public
4:30 Enabling Connector Lock Settings for Safe EV Charging

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This video features a guide to how-to charge your Toyota Electrified Vehicle.

Feature currently only available for the 2023 bZ4X.

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