I drove these NEW electric cars until they DIED!

It’s time for another carwow EV range test!

We’ve got our hands on six of the latest all-electric SUVs to hit the market, and we’re about to see just how accurate the manufacturer’s claimed ranges are! So let’s take a closer look at the cars we have joining us.

First up it’s the Volkswagen ID Buzz. It comes with a single electric motor that drives the rear wheels and can produce 204hp. The edition we have here also comes with a 77kWh battery which is good for a claimed range of 255 miles. The one we have here also costs £65k, although the range starts from £57,000.

Next up it’s the Mercedes EQA. This edition has a single motor that drives the front wheels and can put down 190hp. We’ve got our hands on the entry-level version, which costs £52,000, and it comes with a 71kWh battery that comes with a claimed range of 263 miles.

We also have the Nissan Ariya joining us for this test. The Ariya comes with a starting price of £46,000, although the version we have here cost around £54,000. As a result, it comes with an 87kWh battery which has a claimed range of 310 miles. Its single electric motor can also produce 242hp.

Next up it’s the Audi Q4 Sportback. The Q4 range starts from £52,000, although we’ve got our hands on the dual motor edition which costs around £64,000! As a result of the two motors, it can put down 299hp, and the 77kWh battery has a claimed range of 312 miles.

The penultimate car in this line-up is the Genesis GV60. With a 77kWh battery, this single-motor rear-wheel-drive edition can produce 229hp and it has a claimed range of 321 miles. The entry-level GV60 costs from £54,000, and the one we’ve got here costs £63,000.

Then finally we have the Tesla Model Y Long Range. The range starts from £45,000 and comes with a single electric motor. As for the Long Range, this costs from £53,000, and it also comes with dual motors that can put down 384hp. It also has a 75kWh battery which has a claimed range of 351 miles.

So how do you think these will compare? Will the oh-so-popular Tesla Model Y win it? Or could we see a different competitor go the furthest? You’ll need to stick with Mat for this all-new EV range test to see for yourself!


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