Mercedes Actros 2654 Available for Purchase


The Mercedes Actros 2654 is a heavy-duty truck that is available for purchase. It is a popular choice among trucking companies and drivers due to its powerful performance, advanced features, and reliable reputation. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of the Mercedes Actros 2654 and why it is a great option for those in the trucking industry.

Powerful Performance

The Mercedes Actros 2654 is equipped with a robust engine that delivers exceptional power and performance. Its 13-liter inline-six engine produces an impressive 530 horsepower and 2,600 Nm of torque. This allows the truck to effortlessly handle heavy loads and navigate challenging terrains. The Actros 2654 also features a smooth-shifting 12-speed automated transmission, ensuring seamless gear changes and optimal fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, the Actros 2654 is equipped with Mercedes-Benz’s innovative Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) system. This system uses GPS data to anticipate upcoming road conditions, such as inclines and descents, and adjusts the truck’s speed and gear shifting accordingly. This not only improves fuel efficiency but also reduces driver fatigue and enhances overall driving comfort.

Advanced Safety Features

Mercedes Actros 2654 Available for Purchase

Safety is a top priority in the trucking industry, and the Mercedes Actros 2654 does not disappoint in this aspect. It is equipped with a range of advanced safety features designed to protect both the driver and other road users. One notable feature is the Active Brake Assist system, which uses radar technology to detect potential collisions and applies the brakes automatically if necessary. This can significantly reduce the risk of accidents caused by driver inattention or delayed reactions.

Additionally, the Actros 2654 comes with Lane Keeping Assist, which uses sensors to monitor the truck’s position on the road. If the truck unintentionally drifts out of its lane, the system alerts the driver and applies corrective steering to bring the vehicle back on track. This feature is especially useful during long-haul journeys when driver fatigue can become a concern.

Comfort and Convenience

Long hours on the road can be physically and mentally demanding, which is why the Mercedes Actros 2654 prioritizes driver comfort and convenience. The truck’s spacious cabin is designed with ergonomic principles in mind, providing ample legroom, adjustable seats, and easy-to-reach controls. The Actros 2654 also features a suspension system that effectively absorbs road vibrations, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Moreover, the Actros 2654 is equipped with a range of amenities to enhance the driver’s experience. These include a multifunctional steering wheel, a user-friendly infotainment system with navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium sound system. These features not only make the driver’s job easier but also contribute to a more enjoyable and pleasant driving experience.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

In addition to its powerful performance, the Mercedes Actros 2654 is also known for its fuel efficiency, helping trucking companies save on operating costs. The combination of its aerodynamic design, lightweight construction, and advanced engine technologies contributes to reduced fuel consumption. The PPC system mentioned earlier also plays a crucial role in optimizing fuel efficiency by adjusting the truck’s speed and gear shifting based on upcoming road conditions.

Furthermore, the Actros 2654 incorporates Mercedes-Benz’s Fleetboard telematics system, which provides real-time data on fuel consumption, vehicle performance, and driver behavior. This allows fleet managers to monitor and analyze the truck’s efficiency, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to further reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.

Reliability and Durability

Mercedes Actros 2654 Available for Purchase

The Mercedes Actros 2654 is renowned for its exceptional reliability and durability. It is built to withstand the demanding conditions of the trucking industry and has a proven track record of longevity. The truck’s robust construction, high-quality materials, and rigorous testing ensure that it can withstand heavy loads, rough terrains, and long-distance journeys without compromising performance or safety.

Moreover, Mercedes-Benz offers comprehensive warranty coverage and a reliable after-sales service network, providing peace of mind to truck owners. Regular maintenance and servicing are essential to keep the Actros 2654 in optimal condition, and Mercedes-Benz’s extensive service network ensures that support and spare parts are readily available when needed.

Mercedes Actros 2654 Available for Purchase


The Mercedes Actros 2654 is a powerful, safe, and reliable heavy-duty truck that offers exceptional performance and advanced features. Its powerful engine, advanced safety systems, comfort and convenience features, fuel efficiency, and durability make it a top choice for trucking companies and drivers alike. Whether it is for long-haul transportation or heavy-duty applications, the Actros 2654 is a reliable workhorse that can meet the demands of the trucking industry.


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