Microlino | Switzerland ki Nano BUT!! | Gagan Choudhary

Namaste, I recently got a chance to see this Small Bubble car Microlino from Micro Mobility of Switzerland. Car comes with various battery packs and can go up to 230 KM on a single charge.

Transparency Note:
This video was recorded at some events like Auto Expo, where dealers or manufacturers showcase their cars. While the car belongs to the manufacturer and permissions might be required in order to record or film it, there is no financial transaction done between the manufacturer and us or anyone related. All the costs of Travel, Shoot, Stay, etc, are borne by Team Gagan Choudhary or GaadiFy. Neither the owner of the vehicle or the organiser of the event gets to see the video or alter it after or before publishing it.

This disclaimer is voluntary and posted to maintain transparency.

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