Toyota bZ4X electric SUV concept // Toyota’s first mass electric vehicle

The Toyota bZ4X concept vehicle is the first mass electric vehicle from Toyota. This new Toyota BEV is coming next year in Japan and China with North America to follow. Toyota has taken the wraps off its first BEV plans. These are the very first images of the bZ4X concept shown at the Shanghai motor show. BZ stands for Beyond Zero and will be the electric brand umbrella. First the concept, then some major updates from Toyota about its plans for electric trucks. The bZ4X concept share looks like an electric RAV4 or Venza with all the styling cues we expect from Toyota. When Toyota shows a concept vehicle, you are basically looking at a very close example of a production model, so yes this will be a real SUV and it will look like this. This is a joint venture with Subaru, so expect to see a concept from that brand soon too. Toyota calls this new platform the TNGA BEV platform but with Subaru’s AWD capabilities for an elevated driving experience. The bZ4X has a long wheelbase, short overhangs making a cry roomy cabin. The instrument panel is positioned low to make for better outward visibility and instrument cluster is potion up and away under the front windshield. The centre console features a large screen with a rotary dial shifter and some buttons. The use of cloth on the dash helps warm the interior. Notice a flat floor and the rest is typical Toyota grade materials. Toyota unfortunately has no details of battery size, range or if this will be using the new solid state battery etc, this is just a concept to showcase the design but get set for more vehicle under the bZ umbrella. This new BEV will go on sale in the middle of 2022 and will be produced in Japan and China for that market. North American production will be shared at a later date but rest assured this will eventually come to our shores. In fact, Toyota will have 15 BEV by 2025 with seven using the bZ name. With hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell and BEVs in the mix, Toyota claims to have 70 electrified models by 2025, that’s just 4 short years away.Included in the press release was one major nugget of information, Toyota has now publicly sated that they will be including hybrid electric and full BEV technology to its pickup truck lineup in the near future. First, we are finally going to get a new Tundra and second hybrid and BEV option are coming. With Ford, Telsa and Rivian all slated to have fun BEV pickup trucks, this is exciting news from Toyota. So, what do you think of this Toyota concept, it doesn’t look like much of a departure in terms of styling but the fact that it is coming and from the most trusted brand in the auto industry means buyers will soon get Toyota quality, resale value and reliability in a full electric SUV. Please subscribe for more virtual car releases.



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