What’s Cheaper? Electric Vehicle Charging or Pumping Gas? | Fuel Cost Comparison

How much does it cost to charge an electric car compared to fueling up a gas car? Lauren McCay and Desola Balogun from Edmunds find out how much it costs to go 100 miles in a Toyota Corolla and … a Ford F-150 Lightning? That’s right, it’s compact sedan vs. full-size pickup truck in a battle of dollars and cents per mile.

The Toyota Corolla is a go-to car for drivers looking for an efficient, affordable ride. The F-150 Lightning couldn’t be more different, with its big power, big battery, and big price tag. But which one costs less to fuel up for 100 miles of driving range? It turns out that the cost of driving an electric vs. gas car isn’t as simple as comparing gallons and kilowatts—where you charge up makes a way bigger difference than you might think. You also have to compare how much it costs to charge at home to how much it costs to charge at a public charging station.

If you’re considering switching to an EV, it’s important to know all the pros and cons of electric cars. The experts at Edmunds are here to help you understand how much it actually costs to charge an electric car.

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