World’s Best Car For Under £5k? The Geely Panda Mini Is All The Tiny, Adorable EV You’ll Ever Need

The Geely Panda Mini may look cute and harmless but don’t be fooled by those adorable looks, this little bear is out for blood – Wuling Hongguang MINI blood. After two years on the throne as King of China’s Micro EV scene, the all-conquering Wuling might be forgiven for getting complacent but it’ll need to up its game now that serious competition has entered the ring.

Geely have gone straight for the heart with an adorable face and rounded boxy design, but there’s plenty of substance under that cheerful metal body, as well as a surprising amount of space and 22kW DC fast charging capability (on higher models). The Panda Mini is a basic but incredibly charming car, but will that be enough to win over customers of China’s favourite toy car?

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