Beast Electric 4X4: Off Road Vehicle

This beast is called the EZRaider HD4, it’s a personal all terrain 4X4 vehicle and don’t you dare call it a scooter. Its creators claim its the most capable off-road platform in the world, and the US Armed forces concur, because the $19,2000 EZ Raider just passed an operational evaluation with the special forces, and they’re ordering more units.

Mud or sand, rocky peaks or thick backcountry, the all electric, all wheel drive EZRaider provides a unique combination of power, agility, and usability. I recently got the opportunity to go on some clandestine missions myself around my neighborhood, and I can tell you, besides its function as a utility vehicle, it’s an absolute blast to ride.

Powered by a 60V – 3000 W/h lithium ion battery pack with an advanced BMS, and equipped with a 4 wheel drive system for extreme off road adventures.

The EZRaider HD4 has four independent 1,200 Watt brushless Hub-motors, and it’s 4 matching dedicated Sine-wave Controllers can reach peak outputs up to 18,000W it’s more than an electric scooter or off-road scooter. Outfitted with top quality components like chromoly driveshafts and Japanese precision bearings, the powertrain provides instantaneous power and high energy efficiency.

Engineered for stability across diverse terrain, the EZRaider features a patented 6 axes, 360 degree, Floating Long Travel Suspension that can flatten all terrain. In combination with the 4 wheel drive system, and beefy 22 X 7-10 tires, the 10 inches of ground clearance allow an experienced rider to crawl over remarkably challenging surfaces.

Each wheel is equipped with dual piston caliber Hydraulic disc brakes, and you can really feel the strong slowing pull of the regenerative breaking as you let off the accelerator, which takes a bit of getting used to.

Both the US Armed Forces, and the Israeli defense forces are currently performing an operational military evaluation of the EZRaider HD4, and after a series of successful tests, they’re in the process of ordering more for different fighting units as a new military vehicle. In combination with the tactical military Tesla cyber truck we envisioned in a previous video, this could be an unstoppable electric combination.

When it comes to useful working applications for the HD4, the possibilities are endless. Along the same vein as its military and defense uses, the EZRaider also makes a fine patrol vehicle for police, border patrol, or even campus security. In fact the Israeli police are already using the EZ RAIDER in its border units. One thing’s for certain, as a patrol vehicle, it’s not only more capable than a segway.

For more agrarian purposes, the EZRaider makes an excellent ranch vehicle for chasing down cows, hunting, or just simple transportation over rough terrain.

As electric power is transforming the automotive world, with EV adoption rates growing at about 60% each year, technological advancements in motor efficiency and improvements in battery storage technology are giving rise to a new generation of quiet, sustainable electric vehicles.

With its unique new form factor, and powerfully efficient electric powertrain the EZRaider is an exciting new entrant in the off road category, and we look forward to seeing what other new vehicles will emerge in our electric future.

PS who needs the Tesla Cyberquad electric ATV when you have this?




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