The MG 4 is the BEST car I’ve driven all year!

This is the all-new MG4! Mat’s got his hands on this family-friendly EV, and he’s about to see if it can compete with class leaders such as the Volkswagen ID.3 and Cupra Born.

For starters, it looks great from the outside! Top-of-the-range models get a smart light bar around the back and a cool roof spoiler. What’s more, they also come with a black roof and blacked-out rear windows. There’s also a super cool front splitter up top, along with some smart daytime running lights. One thing’s for sure, this car looks much more expensive than it actually is!

The good news is, the good looks continue on the inside. There are two large separate infotainment and dial screens, and a smart two-spoke steering wheel. You’ll also find good-quality materials throughout the majority of the cabin. The infotainment system is ok, but it does also come with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay as standard.

There are two choices of batteries, with the range-topper being 61kWh. This then comes with a range of up to 281 miles, along with a 203hp motor. This car, and the entry-level, are both rear-wheel drive.

So what’s the price? Well, it starts from just over £26,000! Think it sounds too good to be true? You’ll have to join Mat for this all-new review to see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:45 Design
02:37 Interior
04:56 Back Seats
06:55 Boot
07:47 5 Annoying Things
09:08 5 Cool Things
10:53 Batteries & Range
11:59 Town Driving
13:27 Motorway Driving
14:32 Country Road Driving
15:54 0-60mph
16:26 Verdict

Mat’s MG4 Choice:



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